Hi, my name is Carol McDonough,I’ve been making pottery, sculpture and photographs for over 35 years. Studying photography at Ohio U and then getting a BFA in ceramics at Ohio State in 1981. Over the years my work has changed ranging from a line of Art Deco giftware to my current nature inspired sculptures, garden art and tiles. I’ve sold my work at street fairs, in shops and at wholesale shows. It has been sold as far away as Oslo Norway and Vienna Austria as well as the Smithsonian Gift Shop, and shops in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and now on line.  Just click on store on any page.  I add new products often and I am open to commission work.

I started my business in the basement of my house in Columbus. It was called Swamp Studio because whenever it rained water seeped up through the floor. My tables had to have “custom” cut legs so they would sit level. I also shared the space with two cats, Bert & Ernie, who spent their nights there and aside from the odd paw print on a wet plate they were very considerate. My early work was mostly concerned with surface decoration on classic forms first Art Deco then the Jazz Series with the Galaxy Series coming after I moved to the country and “discovered” the Milky Way.

In 1986 my husband and I bought a farm in southeast Ohio where I now have an above ground studio. The name of the business changed to C McDonough Designs and the work got more organic as I was inspired by the rolling hills, woodlands and lush green pastures. Most of my art work comes from things that I want for my house or garden, commissions for others such as my Green Men, and wedding presents. I also learned how to make and lay tile as we remodeled the 100 year old farmhouse. I have tiled my own kitchen floor, countertops, bathroom floor and walls and done some backsplashes and an entryway for customers.

I also spend a good deal of time gardening. The good news about having 80 acres of land is; there’s room to plant one of everything, and the bad news is; there’s room to plant one of everything! That catch 22 applies to animals too, we’ve got a barn … why not get a horse! There’s always room for another kitten and there’s always another one popping up like mushrooms after a rain out here! I don’t want to give away the whole plot but suffice it to say sometimes it’s a struggle to make time to work in the studio. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter.

If you would like to contact me click on store and then contact.

I hope to keep on creating art for years to come.carolmcdonough-headshot