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Ode to Kato

With a bladder the size of a peaDSC_6340

and the attention span of a flea,




DSC_6322I romp through my day

and sleep where I lay

I think this life is the bee’s knees!!








The world’s my favorite chew toy!


I’m gonna grow into a big boy!



There’s just one command

I won’t understand

Why must I go out to make wee wee!!!

I said he'd grow into a BIG BOY but I had NO IDEA HOW BIG!!

I said he’d grow into a BIG BOY but I had NO IDEA HOW BIG!   This pic is Kato on his first birthday 6-30-15 it’s the same flower pot different flowers.


Victorian House Bird Feeders

There’s been quite a building boom going on here at C McDonough Designs.  I received  a commission to build one of my Victorian House bird feeders with a bright turquoise roof, porch and shutters and yellow/green windows.



As any potter will tell you never make just one!!!  There are three reasons for this rule.

1: one is the height of hubris, the kiss of death and just plain silly!!




2: If it’s a tall item, you’ll need other tall items to fill the shelf.


3: You will eventually sell another one so be prepared!!


Puppies are a great help in the studio, dog hair is the best sweeping compound EVER!


Opening glaze kilns is one of the most satisfying part of my job, I love shiny things!!DSC_6951

Tufted Titmice like black oil sunflower seeds.


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