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The Hungry Hordes are at the door

The winter of 2013-14 has been relentless.

The deer have annihilated my arborvitae and the HOLLY BUSHES, I mean, who eats those prickly things?  Hungry deer that’s who, come to think of it pine is one of their favorites, ick.  We have electric fencing but you can’t fence in everything.

four does

deer in the back yard

Turkeys have been spotted in the front yard, thanks to Xena who lit up like a christmas tree when she saw them working their way down the edge of the garden.DSC_4680

Blue Jays and Cardinals have been emptying the front porch cat dish.  I do keep five seed feeders full and two suet spots, I guess the birds prefer a meatier diet in the winter. DSC_4985






Larry does NOT find this funny!!!!


And the horses would love to see some green grass.  They are so stoic.


Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!!!


Xena as a Black Eyed Susan


We thought the Boston Terrier in a Tutu would be our biggest competition.

There was a puppy parade at the August Final Friday in Nelsonville and I dressed Xena up as a Black Eyed Susan.  She was very well behaved maybe because we spent about a week reviewing obedience school.  Only one little yapping dog got her attention and no doubt she would just have wanted to play but some people are suspicious of Rottweillers so Jay nipped it in the bud.

Jay and Xena

Jay and Xena

She didn’t win the costume contest that went to a beagle in a hot dog bun.

second place winner

second place winner in costume contest


Good fun was had by all especially doggies that got to out for a change!!!

Shoe in for biggest dog

Shoe in for biggest dog

Contenders for smallest dog; won by a tiny Chihuahua

Contenders for smallest dog; won by a tiny Chihuahua