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Barn Swallows nesting on the front porch

The nest is in the upper right hand corner.


About two days after a pair of Barn Swallows successfully fledged a brood of four babies from their usual nest spot in the attic of the grainery, they got busy building a new nest on the front porch.  They started building on June 15.




they collect mud and plant

fibers to build with


every 10-15 minutes another bit was added





DSC_6068 as you can see it was hot outside and you might also see a reflection of the glass as I did my documenting in air conditioned comfortDSC_6073






it is a two birdie job from sun up to sun downDSC_6084

finally on or about June 19-20 (solstice time) eggs were laid and sitting ensuedDSC_6227

EUREKA the feeding begins July 17  I hope you enjoyed your down time MomDSC_6233 DSC_6237 DSC_6239 DSC_6250 DSC_6251 DSC_6253

Looking like some pretty angry birds there are four but it’s hard to get a good group shot with all the jostling  I kept the cats away with some well placed glasses of water

and then there were three…

DSC_6284 and then there were two…DSC_6288 and then they came back for visits for a few days..

DSC_6293hope to see you all next year…….

If you would like a cd of the pictures in this or any other post for a screen saver contact me.

Pubs Pubs Pubs

The first six days in England we stayed at a pub, The Fox and Goose, there was a beautiful garden spot between the hotel and the pub.  This made life super simple at the beginning and the end of each day.

the garden at the Fox & Goose

the garden at the Fox & Goose






I already covered day one so let’s get on with day two, three, four, I lost count…

look a PUB

look a PUB



This one was near the Tower of London


The Sherlock Holmes Pub where I had Bangers and Mash!!! and BEER

The Sherlock Holmes Pub where I had Bangers and Mash!!! and BEER


The Sherlock Holmes was down an alley.

mmmmmm.....beer we did our best totry one of each

we did our best to try one of each






We spent three days in Salisbury, a very picturesque place with lots of PUBS!!!

The Mill with a lovely river in front/back

The Mill with a lovely river in front/back

The Kings Head Inn, I think we'll head inn for a BEER

The Kings Head Inn, I think we’ll head inn for a BEER

the Lazy Cow, known for it's burgers and BEER!

the Lazy Cow, known for it’s burgers and BEER!

the Ox Row Inn, didn't know oxen could row!!

the Ox Row Inn, didn’t know oxen could row!!

Bill's a Pub with BEER!

Bill’s a Pub with BEER!

the New Inn looks pretty olde

the New Inn looks pretty olde


































Back to the big city of London which is like New York in that is is a collection of boroughs in a mega city.

A Friend at Hand

A Friend at Hand

"Friend at Hand Pub"

“Friend at Hand Pub”


Another Pub down an alley

A Friend at Hand indeed!




There was a dog on the sign,

We couldn’t resist.

The mysterious woman in blue is my traveling companion, Wendy.  She’s in charge of finding our way but she became a believer in my  ability to find a pub.





It was great good fun  to escape the great white north for a few days for the sunny warmth of Florida.  Eating, reading and relaxing along with staying hydrated were the only order of the day (naps optional).

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

We used a regional Airline, Allegiant, and flew nonstop from Huntington to Sanford. TRAVEL HINT; It’s almost impossible to lose luggage on a non stop flight.

After a nice visit with family it was off to the beach.  TRAVEL HINT; yes you can burn on a cloudy day under an umbrella on a WHITE sand beach.


We stayed at a lovely little place a ten minute drive from the beach and I found it on the Tampa/St Pete visitor site. TRAVEL HINT; they had a whole page of nice places with NO website!!! so they weren’t listed on any of the broker pages.

Back in town still not thrilled with the weather but refreshed and ready to ROCK & ROLL!!DSC_5174